Big-Dob and StarStructure DewBuster™ Controllers
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The  Big Dob version was developed in collaboration with Markless Astronomics to give Big Dob owners a dew controller with built-in power distribution for  upper cage accessories. Markless Astronomics has developed a mounting bracket, power cables, and DewGuard wiring kits to make installing either DewBuster™ Controller simple. Contact Charlie Starks of Markless Astronomics for information and assistance with the mounting bracket and wiring for installation of the controller on your telescope. To order a Big Dob DewBuster™ Controller use the form below.
Differences between Big-Dob and standard DewBuster™ Controller:
  • Output configuration is 1 Left & 1 Right Temperature Controlled output, four Medium Power outputs, four 12V Power outputs. With the Big Dob DewBuster™ Controller mounted on the upper cage, the four 12V outlets can serve as a power distribution rail for accessories on the upper cage.
  • Since the Big Dob model is intended to be powered by your telescope's wiring harness, it does not have a power cord, it is powered  from the bottom Power Input RCA jack.
  •  The bottom Power Input RCA jack has an internal self-resetting solid-state 10 Amp PTC fuse (never needs replacement). 
  • An optional Cigarette Plug Power Cord is available for occasional use with a second Grab & Go telescope, but if you will always use a power cord then you are better off ordering the standard model DewBuster™ Controller and chosing "1Left+1RightTempControlled, 4MediumPower, 4PowerOutlets" configuration.
StarStructure DewBuster™ Controller:
  • The StarStructure version is the same as the Big Dob except the two lower right outputs are configured as Medium Power outputs. This configuration was selected by Mike Zammit at StarStructure so check with him if you have any questions about compatibility with your telescope. However I can customize the output configuration any way you like, simply fill out the order form below then reply to the email you receive with any questions.

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