DewBuster™ Controller Configurations
On the order form you may select from several configurations listed, or you may select "Custom Output Configuration" and specify what you would like in the comments section of the order form. Here are a few configurations with recommendations:
1 Left TC + 1 Right TC + 6 MP + 2 PWR
This "default" configuration works well in many situations. Each Temp Controlled output has an input for a Temperature Sensor so the main scope can be run on whichever side is more convenient. The opposite side's Temp Controlled output can be used as an extra Medium Power output (no sensor plugged in) or as a Temperature Controlled output (sensor plugged in). The 6 Medium Power outputs should be enough for any scope and the two 12V Power jacks can power accessories or be used as a 100% Power Outputs to a heater that needs extra power.
1 Left TC + 1 Right TC + 4 MP + 4 PWR
This configuration is similar to above but provides more 12V outputs. If only one sensor is used then the opposite Temp Controlled output switches to Medium Power allowing a total of 5 heaters to be run at Medium Power.
2 Left TC + 2 Right TC
These configurations are useful in two special situations:
  • 14" or larger SCT's, large Mak's, or large refractors may need two heater strips on one lens. The Temperature Sensor should be placed on the heater strip closest to the lens being heated. The combination provides extra power to warm the lens and once the proper temperature is reached it uses no more power than a single heater strip.
  • Large refractor with smaller refractor guide scope and properly sized heaters should both require the same power level so a single Temperature Sensor is fitted to the main scope's objective lens heater (since it is the most crtical). The guide scope's objective lens heater is run on the second Temp Controlled output of that side. Note that finder scopes do not need to be temperature controlled since they are small aperture and low power so they should be run on a Medium Power output.
Custom Configuration
Your DewBuster™ Controller may be customized to suit your needs by selecting "Custom Output Configuration" on the order form and then specifying which jacks are different than the default arrangement shown above. When I process your order I will e-mail you a diagram similar to the one above showing the custom output jack arrangement so you can verify it is exactly what you want.

When deciding upon a configuration, I recommended leaving L1 and R1 unchanged because they are associated with the Left and Right Temp Controlled LED's and Sensor input jacks. However if you really need these relocated it can be done.

Please note that custom configurations only change how the output jacks are wired. Custom configurations do not change the internal components or the type of jack (RCA only). It is not possible to have more than the two Temperature Sensor inputs already provided. I can add additional "Temp Controlled" jacks but they will be wired in with the Temp Controlled jacks on that side. There is seldom however any need for additional Temperature Sensors as only large heaters or heaters on primary optics will benefit from temperature control.

Please note that the 12V POWER JACKS  are unswitched, meaning they will remain powered when the controller is turned off or when the Battery warning light is on and the heaters have been shut off. The 12V POWER JACKS are not voltage regulated so the output voltage will be that of the power source feeding the DewBuster™ Controller. The 12V POWER JACKS are fused by the main fuse (16 Amp on HD Power Cord models, 10 Amp on Newtonian models) but if your accessory device requires a smaller fuse then it is your responsibility to add one.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need assistance configuring your controller.

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