Power Sources
The DewBuster™ Controller may be operated on a 12V Battery or 13.8 VDC Power Supply (fully charged 12V batteries measure 13.8V). All DewBuster™ Controllers have a Low Voltage 10.5V cut-off to prevent running your battery completely dead and damaging it. The newest DewBuster™ Controllers also have a High Voltage 16V cut-off to protect your heaters from burning up if your power supply should malfunction and go to 24V.

As shown above, DewBuster™ Controllers with Powerpole® connectors can switch between different pigtails to fit various power sources. I highly recommend this option so that if you change power sources you will not have to send your DewBuster™ Controller in to have the power cord changed, you simply order a pigtail to fit your new power source. For more information see my FAQ on Power Cords.

If you need help selecting a battery see my FAQ on power sources. If you are considering a PowerTank, remember that it is just a "Jump-Start" battery with extra features. If you do not need the extra features, consider a conventional Jump-Start battery available at tool or auto parts stores at much better prices. When 120 VAC is available you can power the DewBuster™ Controller while the battery is on the charger so the battery does not run down yet it prevents loss of power if the AC power is momentarily lost (use a normal charge rate, do not "Fast Charge").

The Li-Ion type Jump Start batteries are getting more popular and the prices are dropping so they are becoming a viable option for powering your telescope. Most of these units have "EC5" connectors for the 12V output so use an EC5 to cigarette socket adapter to power your DewBuster™ Controller. Beware that the mAH ratings are deceiving  because it is for the internal batteries which are not 12V. To calculate the AH rating at 12V, divide Watt-Hour (WH) by 12V. For example, an 18,000mAH Li-Ion Jump-Start unit is 67WH, which divided 12V yields only 5.6AH at 12V, so the unit is slightly less than a conventional 12V 6AH battery . The 18,000mAH was for the internal 3.7V battery (67WH / 3.7V =18AH or 18,000mAH) but at 3X the voltage we get 1/3 the AH.

When purchasing a power supply consider the following:
There are many "HAM Radio" power supplies available. Try searching the internet using keywords like "13.8 Volt 10 Amp Bench Power Supply". For customers in the USA, Pyramid makes several reliable and reasonably priced power supplies including these popular models: